ZIP System Exterior Walls


Exterior wall sheathing with a water-resistive barrier and taped seams. Enables a superior seal of the "exterior envelope" and long lasting protection against water damage over time - a "must" for the New England climate.

ZIP System Roof Sheathing


Interlocking roof sheathing with a water-resistive barrier and taped seams. Instantly waterproof roof to protect the home prior to shingling. Interlocking tongue and groove boards provide greater structural stability.

Foam Insulation


A spray applied, closed-cell polyurethane foam applied to the walls, floor, and roof deck. Provides tightly sealed and healthy living environment by preventing air and moisture transfer. Far superior "R" factor saves you money on utility bills.

PEX Piping


A high-temperature flexible polyethylene piping used for water distribution and radiant heating. Withstands New Englands' environmental stresses such as mineral rich water and freezing temperatures. Provides safe drinking water. Replaces copper piping and reduces costs.

Blueboard and Veneer Plaster


Wall board with continuous veneer plaster coating. Essentially an improvement to drywall. Provides smooth, seamless interior walls and ceilings. More durable and resistant to denting and scratching.

PVC Exterior Trim


Expanded, rigid, poly-vinyl-chloride manufactured with the same profiles as traditional wood trim. Same look and feel as wood with the durability of PVC. Impervious to insects and moisture. Will not rot, cup, split, or warp. Never have to replace your rotted wood trim again!

Energy Star Heating and Cooling Equipment


We use the newest technologies and innovations in high efficiency heating and cooling in order to meet your individual needs. Dual stage hybrid systems; Computerized controls; Variable speed 95% furnaces; Geothermal systems.

Recycling and Reused Materials


All demolition debris is recycled or reused.      Fixtures, appliances, cabinets, doors, and windows in usable condition are donated to our network of charitable organizations. Lumber and flooring is denailed and reused on or off-site. Any unusable debris is loaded into dumpsters and brought to recycling centers where it is separated by component and greater than 75% diverted from landfills.

Tankless Water Heaters


Provides hot water instantly and only as needed. Provides instant and endless hot water for your showers and hot water needs. Small, compact design saves space and allows for installation close to bathrooms and hot water fixtures. 40% energy savings over traditional hot water heaters.